Identified the need for a new asset, but unsure how to go about procuring it?

We can help you to plan your strategy, enabling you to procure a building with ease. We’ll take care of the process flow and the control you’ll need in order to get your construction project off the ground.

‘The route to get to where we have determined to arrive’

We are able to give you high level, feed forward, open system planning which includes crucial project definitions (outcomes and imperatives) for clarity. We can also inform approaches to project organisation, taking into consideration time, cost, quality, and risk allocation. Our selection of planning and control systems take all relevant variables into account, thereby ensuring successful defined project outcomes. We will at all times work to match your desires and best interests with both the resources available to you and the pertinent regulations.

We can help to develop an outline cost and quality plan for your project, optimising your or your client’s objectives and identifying project constraints. This gives your project both clarity and purpose, as well as reducing the chances of stumbling across unexpected problems.

We can also develop and advise upon an overall master programme which will mark out crucial milestones and clarify the links between design, construction, commissioning, and final fit-out. This will allow all involved in the construction process to fully understand the ultimate aim and work effectively towards it.

When it comes to procurement, we are able to help and advise you regarding the acquisition of resources. We will identify what you need in the way of professional services, and aid you in their procurement. We can help you to select and appoint consultants, and advise on forms of appointments. We can also advise our clients on the provision of collateral warranties, as well as the selection, preparation, and management of written standard forms of contracts (for example; JCT, FIDIC, CIOB etc).

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