There are many things to consider when embarking upon a construction project, including timescales, budget costs, and the many regulations.

The unknowns of a construction project are always a source of concern.

dunstan-consulting can provide your endeavour with outline Project Execution Plans, including RICS Project Orders Of Costs. We use the very latest and most relevant BCIS cost data. We also have considerable expertise in the use of Gantt Charts. We can also provide outline Risk Registers as well as supplementary comments and advice on potential residual risk considerations.

Programme Management

We can help you to co-ordinate and manage related programmes, ensuring that the business operation as a whole progresses smoothly towards a common goal. Keeping the various day-to-day aspects of your life and/or business operating at optimum while simultaneously attempting to co-ordinate a construction project can be tough. We can provide services and strategies which will make this all fall into place and proceed with maximum efficiency and minimum disruption.

Project Management

Our project management consultancy services will define, plan, monitor, control and deliver your project in a professional and efficient manner. Utilising standard form of contract such as NEC3, JCT, FIDIC and CIOB, we can monitor and manage your project, mitigating risk and managing change and deliver appropriate reports throughout the project continuum.

dunstan-consulting can provide a schedule of services to achieve any or all parts of programme or project management. We can help you to select and procure professional services, advise on forms of appointment, collateral warranties,  draft and administer tenders and contract documents.  At all stages, we are available to advise and offer our expertise in dealing with any problems (expected or unexpected) which may arise.

Management services can also be integrated with other statutory appointments such as Party Wall Surveying and CDM2015 consulting and advice.

Actions 10
10.1 The Employer, the Contractor, the Project Manager and the Supervisor shall act as stated in this contract and in the spirit of mutual trust and co-operation.

As a modern, forward looking consultancy, dunstan-consulting Ltd are committed to continuous professional and business system development to ensure up to date and effective services. As such dunstan-consulting Ltd are, as of November 2016, ICE Accredited NEC3 ECC Project Managers, for all options, and included on the ICE register of Accredited Project Managers.

dunstan-consulting Ltd is also a member of the NEC ECC User Group, ensuring continuous up dates and revisions to contracts and forms of appointment are monitored and that ICE NEC standard forms, documentation and procedures are integrated into process.

The NEC3 ECC contract fundamentally, embeds risk and change management into the process of construction projects.
‘Management of the expected is easy, effective management of the unexpected draws fully on the collaborative approach inherent in the NEC contracts’ Barns M Dr. CBE in NEC3 ECC guidance notes 2013

dunstan-consulting Ltd can provide a full range or NEC3 ECC all options Project Management services – including provision of sub-consultant appointments for Supervisors obtained from the ICE Register of Accredited Supervisors.

dunstan-consulting Ltd can provide account management and hosting for web based collaboration digital environments including CEMAR and VIEWPOINT.

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