BIM (Building Information Modelling) compliant construction involves the purchase of data to inform business decisions in relation to whole cost of life assets.

This is achieved through the analysis of 3D design models, alongside product and performance data. BIM markers or milestones are indicated by ‘levels’. Broadly speaking, there are 3 BIM levels, although the markers retain a degree of fluidity depending upon the precise circumstances of a project.

BIM Level 2 is distinguished by its emphasis on collaborative working, with the aim of facilitating free and useful exchange of information between parties. In an effort to bring the construction industry into line with international standards of collaborative working, the UK Government has determined that all centrally procured construction projects must achieve Level 2 BIM from 2016. This requires certain specialised design software, as well as a good understanding of how to use it correctly.

dunstan-consulting can provide advice and aid in achieving level 2 BIM, through the practical application of project management services. We can integrate and ameliorate existing commercial practices and traditional works stages (CIC), which will enable your project to attain Level 2 BIM.

Our work and expertise is informed by up to date and independent academic industry stakeholder research. We can provide the mechanisms and processes to facilitate the achievement of level 2 BIM requirements in construction projects. We can bring your business or project into line with the expectations of BIM task group definitions, including EIR’s, BIM protocols, scopes of service and so forth. At all times we will endeavour to advise in a clear and open manner, enabling you to understand precisely what we are aiming for.

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