dustan-consulting takes health, safety, welfare and environmental concerns very seriously.

We will demonstrate leadership in these areas.

We strive to show stewardship of the environment, working with all stakeholders, clients, consultants and contractors to ensure that minimal environmental impact is a priority in all project planning.


dunstan-consulting will strive to promote openness, diversity & equality, and will pro-actively promote responsibility for mutual respect, clarity and honesty.

Committed to ensuring our dealings are ethical.

At all times, dunstan-consulting aims to deal in an open and fair manner with our clients. We aim to communicate with you in a clear, effective, and transparent manner – we won’t blind you with technical jargon, nor operate under your radar!


dunstan-consulting is committed to open, transparent and effective communication & processes.

Be assured that we work with complete integrity.

We can advise you through the various stages of a construction project. Whether planning your overall strategy, procuring a site, or managing your programme/project (including BIM Level 2), we can provide professional consultation and advice to help you through the process.

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