Are you a Principal Designer, Designer, Client, or Principal Contractor involved with a construction project?

Are you concerned about the changes to red tape under the Construction Design And Management Regulations 2015 (CDM2015)? If you are unsure of your duties regarding CDM 2015, don’t worry. We can help you to establish your duties and responsibilities under CDM2015, as well as advising you in how to meet them.

CDM2015 is applicable to all construction projects, so it is imperative that those involved are aware of what it involves and how it relates to them. Things to consider include additional notification to the Health & Safety Executive. The penalties for falling foul of CDM2015 can be onerous, so it is very important that your project is compliant with the regulations at every step of the way. This may seem like a daunting and confusing task, but dunstan-consulting can help.

dunstan-consulting can provide both advice and practical services. We can supply you with project-specific information and documentation such as Pre-Construction Information, including advice on designers’ residual risk information. We can review and advise you on Principal Contractors’ Construction Phase Plans, and collate the Health And Safety File. All will be done under Association for Project Safety forms of appointment, to assist you in fulfilling your government-required duties on construction projects. We are extremely familiar with CDM2015 in both a theoretical and a practical capacity, making us competent to demonstrate how the regulations relate to your own project.

dunstan-consulting Ltd are registered training providers with QA Training and provide half day seminars on CDM2015 duty holder roles as Client, Designer and Principal Designer. This seminar includes a review of the new regulations, the APS Form of Appointment and a mapping matrix of duty holder responsibilities to the key stages of a construction project. Useful for those who have an awareness of CDM2007 and 2015 and require a review of their duties and those who are looking to accept appointments as Principal Designer.

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