Identified the need for a new asset?

We can help you to plan your strategy, enabling you to procure your building.


There are a lot of unexpected variables to take into account with any construction project. We can provide you with an outline and much more.


Have you received a Party Wall Notice, and not sure what your options are? Do you know you need to serve a Party Wall Notice but aren’t sure as to the next step?

We can give you some friendly, practical advice on your rights and your options under the Act.

DUNSTAN-CONSULTING LTD – Expert Construction Mangement Consulting in the South West (Exeter) and London

We provide micro-consultancy services for construction projects.
We have the know-how, experience, and expertise to be able to advise you .

Expert Consulting Services

We can lend both theoretical and practical aid to your project, both through the provision of expert consulting services and through practical application of our skillset. Our services are professional in nature, and drawn from many years of practical experience.

Our extensive experience allows us to provide an extremely well-informed consultancy service based not only upon theoretical abstracts but on a solid basis of practical experience.

Ealing, Sayers Court
Ealing, Sayers Court

Our Clients

Our clients include private individuals, designers, consultants, housing associations and developers, contractors, and others with a special interest in construction. We can provide advice to you through the various stages of a construction project. Whether planning your overall strategy, commercial procurement, or managing your programme/project (including BIM Level 2), we can provide professional consultation and advice to help you through the process. We can also give Construction Design & Management Regulations 2015 advisory or consulting services, and provide help with party wall issues, including appointments as Building or Adjoining Owner’s Surveyor.

At all times, dunstan-consulting aims to deal in an open and fair manner with our clients. We aim to communicate with you in a clear, effective, and transparent manner.

We are also thoroughly committed to ensuring that our working practices are ethical. We aim to work in an environmentally friendly manner, and always have health and safety considerations in mind when advising on any project.

Be assured that we work with complete integrity, and will treat you and your project with the utmost respect.

We have extensive experience with:

  • Project Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Party Wall Surveying
  • CDM2015
  • Planning, Strategy and Procurement


Strategy, Planning & Procurement

Identified the need for a new asset, but unsure how to go about procuring it?
We can help!


Programme & Project Management

There are a lot of unexpected variables to take into account with any construction project. We can provide you with an outline, Project Execution Plans and much more.


Party Wall Surveying & Advice

Been issued with a party wall notice, and not sure what your options are? We can give you some friendly, practical advice on your rights and your options in this matter.


Building Information Modelling (BIM) L2

BIM compliant construction involves the purchase of data to inform business decisions in relation to whole cost of life assets.


CDM Consultancy & Advice

Are you involved with a construction project? Concerned about changes to red tape under the Construction Design & Management Regulations 2015?


NEC3_[4] ECC Accredited Project Management

dunstan-consulting Ltd are, as of November 2016, ICE Accredited NEC3_[4] ECC Project Managers, for all options, and included on the ICE register of Accredited Project Managers


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